Hello there! You must have seen QueBox
somewhere, wondering "what is this?" and
"how to use?" 
  • ±15 Seconds to setup & lock

  • ±10 Seconds to unlock & Pickup.


  • Select the Box on the Tablet you wish to unlock.

  • You'll be prompted to input the Passcode.

  • Once the App verified the correct passcode,
    the specific QueBox will unlock.

  • Simply open the door collect the content, close the door & go

*For Delivery Partner, the Passcode is the customer first 3 Alphabetical Characters.
*For Walk-in Customer, the cashier will inform you of the passcode and order number during payment.



• not necessary to have a staff station at the collection area 

• not necessary for staff to wait for the delivery person to show up

• need not worry about unattended packed meals