Is it a Need? 
Is it a Want?
 or simply a "good to have"?

Let us dive into the question and have a better understanding of the current market situation.

Below I have attached images of surveys and studies conducted. 



Everyday, we're waiting, for public transport, For my kids to end school, For my colleague to reply. For lots of reasons we're waiting. Nevertheless waiting for my food. 
But if in the event, i do not have the luxuary of time to wait?
i could get a private hire, get my parent to pick up kids from school, get other colleagues to assist.I could turn to alternative for my meals, or even skip a meal.

That is partially Fast-food Resturant is so popular among the food deliveries business
Is Fast-food Resturant pricing more competitive than your's? 
Probably not.

I have that impression that, i could save some time, ordering delivery from a fast-food resturant. i believe we all have that same impression.

Waiting. What can be done to improve the situaution?

Unfortuantly QueueBox is not a product that can tackle the roots, do a full overhual to your F&B business. Instead,

QueueBox is a product that works with impression.
it's designed to change a certain way people react and adapt.

The fundamental roots still require you to be in control and maybe.. :
    relocate man-power

    change in target audience

    re-create meal prepration step


Waiting. Impressions.

The abstract of the 2 Key words. is just Queues 

If there's a Queue, im expected to wait. the longer is the queue, the longer i have to wait.


Guest queues up to enter the premises
Delivery partner idle around waiting for collection



Let us try to understand the implications of the word "idle"

idling within the store premises should not be the
case. especially since Covid19.
However they are doing this, for convience sake, to have their presence felt, to quicken the process.

Majority has the tendency to go to the counter and ask first before being asked to wait outside.
Crowding at the entrance is not a solution as well.
But they had to be nearby, to able to hear when the order number is called


Unintentanlly they may portray the "Long waiting time" impression to the public



It is difficult. Very, especially during busy hours.

Difficult for staff to do a full walk-through of the item within the bag with the delivery partners to ensure that the orders are correct.

Most simply ensure that the correct personnel is taking the correct bag.
There are cases & we've probably seen some merchants just left the bags on a table & base it off trust.
It can be a pain if someone took the unattended bags. Certainly, it is not common in Singapore. However, it is still a risk.

The problem is just that majority of the merchants are already short on staff. Had no other choice. But to risk 

**Having a part-timer to look after the collection counter, 2hour a day, lunch and dinner. THAT's Luxury! 


i Viewed as kitchen staff responsibility

This is my personal view.
i see it as that the full order should have been packed before taking out from the kitchen.
The front line staff should only be adding in utensils and handling the remaining process.

Plus to increase the number of staff in the kitchen, to cope with the overwhelming orders, higher efficiency.



Your Front-line service staff may have Over-worked themselves.

It is difficult to have a minute to catch their breath
during Peak-Hours.

Temperature Taking, 
Guest seating,
Taking Orders,
Settling Bill,
Clearing the Tables,
Coordinating with the delivery partner,


"Meal Window"

What about the "meal window" Lunch from 11:00~14:00

Dinner from 18:00~20:00.

What's your approach?

Certain F&B businesses started taking orders once you enter the queue. They want to. get the food to your table as fast as possible. Why?
They want to feed as many people as possible within that meal window.

^ it is crucial especially now. when your restaurant dining space has been cut down by at least 30%.
But it not achievable without enough manpower. That's part of the reason why most of the big brand restaurants are continiously hiring. 

Reduce Workload, Improve Service Quality

Your staff no longer need to stand at the entrance, holding on to the order. Shouting for that #016 delivery personal to show up.

Rather you could spend more time providing better service to the dine-in guests.

Save on the 1 man-power to station at a collection point.
reallocate man-power to the kitchen, improve waiting time, you'll be able to serve more customers.

The transparent Boxes will inform the delivery partners
if there is any collection ready to pick up.

Comply with Regulations

Have an Area for the delivery person to pick up the orders. The Cubes transparent, it's easy to spot if the orders are ready even from afar.

they won't disturb the service staff "is my order ready?" 
they won't have to idling and cluster around in your shop.

Is it a Need? 
Is it a Want?
or simply a "good to have"?

If you are still unsure, Hit the Trial Button.

Limited Space, Wrong Impression

While the space is limited, plus 1-meter Queue distance
Plus delivery personal idling around.

it gives the wrong impression to guests that *the shop is full or *waiting time is going to be long

Least Ideal situation

Do you think, your service staff can provide 120% when they are overwhelmed.

i think it will be difficult.

in the situation that I have portrayed above where orders start preparing when the customer is in the queue, it will be difficult for your staff to execute & the worst-case scenario will be that customer starts ordering 5~10mins after they are seated.

that 5~10mins every table, during the 2 meals windows
could make a huge difference if the sales if your restaurant is hitting 100% capacity. & it scales depending on your restaurant  dining space.

Provide Verification Logs

Accurately the time when the food has been Placed /picked up.